Red Desert Adventures | Canyoneering Basic
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Canyoneering Basic Course

Price/Person $350.00  (2 person minimum) 2 days
An introduction to basic canyoneering techniques. The basic canyoneering course gives participants a hands on experience with an emphasis on repetitive descent/rappel setup and execution.  We will discuss and practice different descent techniques and the proper application of these techniques.  Each day we will visit a different canyoneering route/area.  All of the areas that we use are excellent.

Day 1  (4-5 hours) intro

  • Logistics
  • Personal equipment
  • Fixed Anchor inspection/evaluation
  • Basic descent technique

Day 2  (6-8 hours) basic

  • Blocked rappels
  • Pull cords
  • Basic knots
  • Rope management

Starting Times

Start times fluctuate according to season. Approximately 7am. Start time and location will be finalized at the time of your reservation. All trips are mountain time. It is very important to be on time.

Reservations and Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit is required to secure your trip date.  The deposit is refundable up 14 days before the scheduled trip date minus a $50 administrative fee.  Once within 14 days your deposit becomes non-refundable.  Full refunds will be given if we are forced to cancel the trip due to weather conditions or other events that prevent us from safely executing the trip.

For reservations and more information email or call 435 668 2888