Canyoneering is the descent and exploration of technical slot canyons.  Trips involve hiking, rappelling, stemming, down-climbing, and in some cases seasonal wading and/or swimming.

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Trips can be scheduled seven days a week year round. All trips are private. Canyoneering trips take place in a variety of canyons routes depending on type of trip, starting location, season, and conditions.  We provide transportation to trailheads and all technical equipment: helmets, harnesses, ropes, rappel devices, etc. If needed we can also provide backpacks, dry bags, and wetsuits.

We pick up for all trips. Our services are available from most Zion National Park lodging options.  We have regional meeting locations for guests staying outside of our pickup range. Not all trips are available at all starting locations.

Approximate start times for planning.
Start times/locations finalized at time of reservation
Afternoon times apply to half day trips only.
Spring & Fall 7 to 8AM | 1 to 2PM
Summer 7 to 7:30AM | 2 to 3PM
Winter 8 to 10AM | 11AM or 12PM

Standard starting locations:
Zion National Park Campgrounds
Eastside Lodging
Mount Carmel Junction

What is canyoneering?  Well…’s a little hard to explain, but here goes.  It’s all about going down. Canyoneering routes follow drainages that have evolved into slot canyons. Technical canyons require specialized descending equipment that is used to negotiate obstacles and/or vertical drops. Participants should be aware that trips involve one way characteristics, mandatory rappels, and most importantly water carved landscapes unlike anything else in this world.


We teach modern canyoneering techniques and systems. Our curriculum has evolved over time into what we believe are the most practical courses available. Available seven days a week year round. All courses are private and take place in area canyoneering routes. Courses are appropriate for guests intending to lead canyoneering routes on their own.