Zion Guided Canyoneering Trip Photos | Red Desert Adventure
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Guided trips and instructional courses take place on lands managed by Kane County Blm, Washington County Blm, Arizona Strip Blm, Henry Mountains Field Station Blm, Dixie National Forest, and the Utah State Trust Land Administration.

Half Day Canyoneering Trip to Red Caves | Zion Adventure Trips
Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle is a spectacular sandstone slot canyon located in the Dixie National Forest 20 miles west of Zion National Park.

Zion Half Day Canyoneering Trips | Yankee Doodle

This canyon drains off of the south side of the Pine Valley Mountains.  It has carved a deep and narrow slot into the navajo sandstone layer at the based of the range.

Stemming in Yankee Doodle on a Guided Trip

Massive floods events in 2013 and 2014 removed the dirt and gravel floor within the round room and the canyon now holds deep water in this section mearly year round.  These photos taken April 16th 2011 and September 8th 2010,  the floor is now much lower lower(10ft) making this water crossing a swim.

Zion Canyoneering Adventure Trip to Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle | Zion Canyoneering Adventure Trips

This canyon route involves rappelling,  down-climbing,, stemming, wading and/or swimming.

Yankee Doodle | Zion Guided Canyoneering Day Trip
Yankee Doodle Canyoneering | Zion
Lambs Knoll

Lambs Knoll is an excellent canyoneering area on the Kolob Terrace road just outside the boundaries of ZNP.

Zion Family Canyoneering Trips | Lambs Knoll

A unique area with many developed canyoneering and rock climbing routes Lambs Knoll offers beginner and advanced options with a close proximity to Springdale.

Family Canyoneering Trip in the Zion National Park area.
Water Canyon

March 13th 2008.  Early spring Cannan Mountain snowpack runs through Water Canyon on a daily cycle.  At 7000ft the snowpack refreezes every night with the daily flow peak coming in late afternoon.  The last big rappel become extremely dangerous at 30cfs of higher.

Water Canyon | High Adventure Canyoneering Trip Zion

March 14th 2007.  The 2006/2007 winter snowpack made for fairly warm conditions with no water flow.  Canyon conditions are different from year to year and always changing.

Exposed sedimentary layering in Water Canyon.  This rappel/waterway is subject to extremely powerful forces of erosion.

A guided trip to Water Canyon involves driving through Colorado City AZ/Hildale UT, the largest polygamous community in the United States.

Water Canyon with Flow | Guided Canyoneering Trip
Water Canyon Narrow | Guided Canyoneering Trip

Stemming the most narrow section in Water Canyon.  The navajo sandstone here is high in iron and extremely polished by water.

Guided Canyoneering Trips Zion National Park | Narrow Slot Canyons

Water Canyon drains off the top of Cannan Mountain starting at an elevation above 7000ft.   At this elevation summer temperatures are melting hot and winters are extreme with snow and ice.

High Adventure Trip to Water Canyon
Water Canyon Instructional Canyoneering Course
Unnamed Canyon

The Unnamed Canyon holds water well in the Spring, Fall, and Winter.  Normally knee to Waist deep water but post flood swims and even keeper potholes are possible.

Red Cave Canyon | Zion National Park
Red Cave Canyoneering | Zion National Park

Deep, dark, and sculpted narrow sections.

Zion Half Day Canyoneering Trip | Zion Slot Canyons
Red Caves Slot Canyon | Guided Canyoneering Zion
Birch Hollow

Birch Hollow has become a classic route just east of Zion National Park’s boundaries.  10-11 rappels up to 12o” in an beautifully carves slot.

Birch Hollow Canyoneering Day Trip with Red Desert
Birch Hollow Canyoneering | Zion
Rappelling in Water Canyon during Spring runoff.