Canyoneering Intermediate Course

Price/Person $825.00  (2 person minimum) 3 days

Day 1 (4-5 hours) intro

  • Logistics
  • Personal equipment
  • Fixed Anchor inspection/evaluation
  • Basic descent techniques

Day 2  (6-8 hours) basic

    • Blocked rappels
    • Pull cords
    • Stuck ropes
    • Natural anchor evaluation and construction
    • Backup plans/equipment

Day 3 (6-8 hours) test day

We will complete a full-day canyoneering route with you acting as canyon leader.  By the end of this day you will have set up and descended multiple rappels, coiled/stacked 1000+ft of rope, and most importantly have a solid understanding of canyoneering systems and techniques. At the conclusion of the course we will discuss your current ability level and zion canyoneering routes within your ability level.

Starting Times

Start times fluctuate according to season. Approximately 7am. Start time and location will be finalized at the time of your reservation. All trips are mountain time. It is very important to be on time.

Reservations and Cancellation Policy

For reservations and more information email or call 435 668 2888