Red Desert Adventures | Zion Canyoneering Photos
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Canyoneering routes are spectacular places.  Flood paths carved deep into the landscape.   Sandstone canyons reveal a geologic story into the powerful and creative forces of water.

Kolob Creek
High elevation and year round water flow set this canyon apart from other zion national park canyoneering routes.  Water flow is controlled and released from the Kolob Reservoir Dam and the park service will not issue permit for flows over 5cfs.

Kolob Creek

Big drops into cold pools of water.  Drysuits and/or wetsuits are necessary in Kolob Creek even during the hottest summer days.

Pine Creek Canyon

11:30AM 30th of July 2013. Monsoonal flooding from the previous day left cool morning temperatures and fog like conditions.

Pine Creek

Recent flood events left the canyon extremely wet and clean.