Born in Provo Utah, Andy was raised by parents at the cutting edge of climbing and outdoor adventure pursuits. Backpacking trips in the Sierras, multi-day raft trips on the Colorado Plateau, and climbing the Grand Teton were all normal activities for children in the Knight family.  By the age of 10 his love for climbing was deeply established. With encouragement from his parents and help from the local climbing gym Andy strengthened and finely tuned his skills in the art of climbing.  By the age of 15 his climbing interests had evolved into new route development on unclimbed big walls, ice routes, and all types of vertical terrain.


In 2015 Andy moved south to Zion to begin a new chapter as a professional climbing and canyoneering guide in the Zion region.


Born in Salt Lake City he moved to southern Utah in 1985. Jack spent the majority of his youth exploring and adventuring in the outdoors. In 1996 Jack got his first taste of rock climbing and was instantly hooked. For the next 10 years all of his free time was spent at the cliffs climbing routes in the southwest desert. In 2011 the opportunity to guide canyoneering trips presented itself and Jack immediately fell in love with the trade. He has experience videography and photography and has helped many families and groups capture the moment during their trips with him.


He is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and is extremely safety conscience. He is patient and personable and has vast knowledge in all aspects of canyoneering.

850 Career Guiding Days | 235 Days with Red Desert Adventure  


Steffan is a California native that started his career guiding in the Pacific Northwest. Steffan has been guiding professionally since 2010. He has been guiding in Zion since 2014. Steffan’s been fortunate have to climbed in Patagonia, Bugaboos and established new routes in Zion. Steffan is currently going through the American Mountain Guides Association IFMGA training program. Steffan is an AMGA Certified Rock Guide as well as an Assistant Alpine Guide.

812 Career Guiding Days | 190 Red Desert Adventure Days 


Following a traditional Utah upbringing Eric moved from Salt Lake City to Zion.  He has studied all disciplines of climbing with a focus on big wall and traditional routes. He had the opportunity to climb the main canyon prior to the shuttle system and established many new routes in Zion National Park.


His photography has been published by Patagonia, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear, Zion Natural History Association, and more. Eric has worked as a canyoneering and rock climbing guide since 2003

1272 Career Guiding Days | 857 Red Desert Adventure Days 


Jake grew up in Indianapolis Indiana. Starting climbing in the hills of Kentucky and the Red River Gorge. These experiences opened the door to more climbing possibilities. In 2014 he began taking trips west to the Utah National Parks, Indian Creek, and other classic desert climbing areas. After seeing the magic of these desert landscapes he was determined to move west. During a return trip to Zion in 2018 the opportunity to guide enabled Jake to put down roots and continue exploring the southwest desert potential. His enthusiasm for canyoneering, climbing, biking, rafting, hiking, and all things desert remains high.


Now married to a local he and his 3 dog family are here to stay. 


Matt grew up in the rolling farm lands of Eastern Iowa, exploring the creeks, lakes and woods that surrounds the rural farm country. In his teens he began snowboarding and skateboarding, which brought him, to the ski slopes of Norther Utah as a young adult. When the snow melted Matt journeyed to the souther portion of Utah and discovered canyoneering. He fell in love with the exploration, thrill and problem solving canyoneering requires. He has been guiding white water rafting, canyoneering and more professionally since 2012. From the cornfields to the canyons, this Iowa boy turned his dreams into a lifetime of exploration.

900+ Trips


Melissa grew up here in Southwest Utah. She enjoyed a free range childhood with lots of time outdoors. Melissa has been a professional guide since 2011 and has guided a range of activities including white water rafting, canyoneering, hiking and jeep tours. She loves learning about the geology, plants and animals of this region and enjoys sharing her knowledge with our guests. In addition to spending, as much time as possible adventuring, in the outdoors, she pursues creative endeavors in digital art and photography.

500+ Trips


Greetings from the heart of Zion! I’m Josh, a seasoned adventurer who planted roots in Zion back in 1994 after trading the vast landscapes of South Dakota for the red rocks and canyons of this mesmerizing place. By the summer of ’96, I found myself immersed in the thrilling world of climbing in Zion.

Over the past 30 years, my passion for climbing and canyoneering has evolved, expanding beyond the confines of Zion to embrace the vast wonders of the greater southwestern US. My journey has been marked by countless ascents, descents, and unforgettable experiences etched into the rugged terrains.

Being a parent to two young boys has added a profound dimension to my adventures. The responsibility to ensure each escapade is not only exhilarating but also safe has become a driving force. I am dedicated to sharing the profound love for this place and the sport, instilling the same sense of awe and respect for nature in the next generation.

Join me as I continue to explore, climb, and weave stories amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the American Southwest. Adventure awaits!


Born and raised in northern Utah, Dan started rock climbing in 1990.  He worked as a wilderness therapy instructor for 5 years.  Dan moved to southern Utah in 2003 and started guiding professionally in 2007.  Dan is an expert rock climber and adventurer.  His ability to connect with a wide range of people makes him and excellent guide. Dan is a member of the Virgin Utah Fire Department and has recently become and EMT.

814 Career Guiding Days | 472 Red Desert Adventure Days 


Ethan grew up in Ohio, and moved to the desert in 2008. He came to Zion in 2012 on a week long climbing trip, and has lived here ever since. He has climbed all over the US, as well as Canada, Mexico, and Argentina. He is a passionate outdoor educator and naturalist. Ethan is a certified AMGA SPI and is currently pursuing his AMGA Rock Guide certification.

510 Technical Guiding Days | 127 for Red Desert Adventure


Alan grew up near Seattle Washington.  He started working in the outdoor industry in 2012 as a NOLS Instructor.  In 2015 Alan moved to the Zion National Park area primarily to pursue rock climbing.  His passion for the outdoors and his enthusiasm to share his knowledge with others makes him an amazing guide.  Alan has worked as a rigger for  American Ninja Warrior and is also experienced with indoor climbing facility construction.

376 Career Guiding Days | 131 with Days with Red Desert Adventure  


At a young age Jeremy loved to explore the mountains of Utah and Wyoming with his Father. In 2000 he moved to Zion. His 10 years of canyoneering and climbing in Zion lend to a wealth of solid local knowledge and experience. During the off season he can be found chasing powder in the Tetons, surfing in Central America, or climbing in Thailand. He enjoys guiding and Instructing with an emphasis on fun, safety & environmental stewardship.  Jeremy has professionally guided canyoneering and rock climbing  since 2005.

720 Career Guiding Days | 345 Red Desert Adventure Days 


Joe French was born in Duluth MN in 1974. He first experienced climbing on the north shore of Lake Superior. Joe moved to Zion in 1996, specifically to climb, and has since climbed extensively within Zion and beyond. Mr. French is a member of the Access Fund and the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) currently pursuing his AMGA Rock Guide Certification and has received his Single Pitch certification and completed his Rock Instructor Course in 2008. Joe loves Zion and enjoys sharing it with all of his guests.  Joe has guided professionally here since 2004.