Outdoor adventure customized for your family. We are experienced at working with groups that have a wide range of ages and ability levels. Canyoneering involves hiking, rappelling, down-climbing, stemming,  and in rare cases wading or swimming. All trips are private.
Half Day Trips 4 hrs 

Canyon Day Trip 6-8 hrs

Family trip itineraries are identical to our standard canyon programs. Our trips are efficient and streamlined to maximize your time in the field. We use modern safety systems and simple instruction.

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Available year round seven days a week. Morning and afternoon departures. Half Day 4-5 hours | Day Trip 6-8. This trip takes place in multiple canyoneering routes, the location of your trip is selected with regards to starting location, season, and conditions. Contact us for more information.

We pick up for all trips. Our services are available from most Zion National Park lodging options.  We have regional meeting locations for guests staying outside of our pickup range.

Approximate start times for planning.
Start times/locations are finalized at time of reservation.
Afternoon departures times are for half day trips only.
Summer 6:30 to 7:30AM | 2 to 3PM
Spring and Fall 7 to 8AM | 1 to 2PM
Winter 8 to 10AM | 11AM to 12PM

Family canyon adventure starting locations:
Springdale Accommodations
Zion National Park Campgrounds
Zion NP Eastside Lodging
Mount Carmel Junction


Dress for the season but do not wear your favorite clothing items. Knee length shorts and T-shirts are commonly used during the summer months unless extra protection is desired. Short-shorts, tank tops, and jeans are not recommended.


Lightweight hiking or approach shoes work best. Trail running, and street running shoes work fine.

half day – 1 to 2 litres/participant + snacks.
day trip – 2 to 3 litres/participant + lunch.

Sun protection.


All of our trips are private.
6.35% sales tax is added to all services.
Contact us to place a reservation.

ParticipantsHalf Day RateDay Trip Rate


We offer them most comprehensive selection of canyon routes in the area.

It is important to understand that guided canyoneering trips take place in slot canyons located on public lands surrounding of the park.  Zion National Park prohibits commercial canyoneering trips within its boundaries and all technical canyoneering within the park must be done as a private party. It is not possible to hire a guide for canyons such as The Subway, Pine Creek, or Keyhole canyon.  A backcountry permit is required for all zion canyoneering routes and you are also required to know what you are doing.

Zion Family Canyoneering Trip to Yankee Doodle Canyon