Zion Full Day Canyoneering Adventures | Red Desert
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Canyoneering trips descend technical canyon routes. Trips involve rappelling, down-climbing, stemming, and hiking through slot canyons. Wading or swimming is possible on some trips depending on season and route. If you do not want to get wet ask about a dry trip.

Morning departures. 6-8 hours including drivetime. Multiple rappels up to 100+ feet with 4 to 8 miles of hiking. This trip takes place in a variety of technical canyon routes. Distances dependant on canyon and route.  Contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

Approximate start times for planning.
Spring 7:30/8AM
Summer 7/7:30AM
Fall 7:30/8AM
Winter 8:30/9AM

Zion Full Day Canyoneering Adventures | Birch Hollow
Yankee Doodle Canyoneering | Dixie National Forest, Utah
What to bring and Pricing

You are responsible to dress for the season. Do not wear your favorite clothing, canyons can be abrasive. Knee length shorts and T-shirts are recommended and commonly used during the summer months unless extra protection is desired. Short-shorts, tank tops, and jeans are not recommended. To keep all route options available wear shoes that can get wet. Lightweight hiking shoes work best. Trail running, and street running shoes work fine.

You are responsible for your own food and water.
Bring 2 to 3 liters of water.
Sun protection.

All trips subject to 6.35% sales tax.
Contact us to place a reservation.

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