Rock Climbing is the protected/technical ascent of rock formations. Trips involve climbing rock faces, cracks, and towers.   Sport, traditional, crack climbing, and multi-pitch options are available.  Lowering and/or rappelling is necessary for descent.

Half day trips run 4-5 hours/ available morning and afternoon.  Day trips run 6-8 hours/available morning only. Climb multiple routes 50 to 200 ft.  Trip duration includes drive time, distances dependant on climbing route.  Minimum age is 5.

Approximate start times for planning.
Spring 7:30/8AM | 1:30/2PM
Summer 7/7:30AM | 2:30/3PM
Fall 7:30/8AM | 1:30/2PM
Winter 8:30/9AM | 11AM/12PM

Zion Family Rock Climbing Trip
What to bring and Pricing

You are responsible to dress for the season. Do not wear your favorite clothing, sandstone can be abrasive. Knee length shorts and T-shirts are recommended and commonly used during the summer months unless extra protection is desired.  Short shorts, tank tops, and jeans are not recommended.

You are responsible for your own food and water.
Day trips/ 2 to 3 liters of water.  LUNCH.
Half day/ 1 to 2 liters of water. Snacks.
Sun protection.

6.35% sales tax is added to all services.
Please contact us for more information or to place a reservation.

ParticipantsHalf Day Rate 4 HoursDay Rate 6-8 Hours